Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favourite Places to Play with a Camera

I've said before that I enjoy photographing great design. Classic Car shows give me an opportunity to capture elements of great design. One of my Favourite shows is the Father's Day Show in Parksville, B.C.

I finally got a chance to spend a day in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria this past summer and had a blast playing with my camera in those wondeful gardens.

This past summer seemd to be my summer of the bee. They showed up regularly when I was photographing a flower. I have a large collection of pictures in my bee series.

This is another shot of one of my favourite spots to play, The Crow and Gate, in Cedar, B.C. They have beautiful grounds and wonderful gardens. There are ducks and geese wondering around, along with other birds dropping by. This is the covered walkway, looking from the entrance. The Crow and Gate is a great spot for brunch or dinner. The food is great and the portions are generous. It has a great warm atmosphere, with friendly staff and a great fireplace. if you get a chance, drop by and check it out. Here's a link to their web site;

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