Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing in Beacon Hill Park

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My camera was out of commission and I have beem busy with a course I'm working on. I've been meaning to post a picture of The Dancing Bean in Chemainus, B.C., where my show is on, for a while. I stopped by on my way back from Victoria today to take a picture. Chemainus is also famous for the wonderful murals depicting local history.

I've never seen this plant before and I had to capture it's beauty. I'm working on finding out what it is.
This handsome fellow was keeping an eye on what I was up to. I suspect he's posed for pictures before.

Spring.....glorious spring. finally. it was chilly and windy out today and the heartier people were out with kites down on Dallas Road. I prefered to quietly shoot pictures in the park.

I can't help but love the bright face of Spring Pansies...they just cheer me up.