Monday, January 26, 2009

Openning Day

I'm finally setting up a blog. I have had many requests from friends and family that I post my photographs in a readily acessessible place for them to preview. So here it is. I will post my work as I prep them for display. All photography on this site is mine and will be watermarked for it's security. I currently have a show up in Chemainus B.C. at the Dancing Bean. It has openned to a very positive response and I have been asked to leave it up past the original run date. There are 17 pictures in the show. They celebrate this wonderful area in which I live. I'll be checking in here regularly and adding work as they are edited.


  1. I recognize that last one!! : )

    I think it looks great on my living room wall!

  2. Beautiful work JM! I would be proud to hang one of your masterpieces in my home.